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Default Problem Logging In to Post or Answer Notes

> Hi .. I have registered and will be logged on and reply to a forum and it will
> tell me that I can't .. and need to log on ... and I already did that 2 times
> so what am I not doing right

Several new users have had this problem when trying to create or answer notes during their first few visits to the forum. Usually the answer has been to remember to always click on the button labeled "Log In" after entering your user name and password.

When you first get to the first page of the forum you will need to enter your user name in a little box in the upper right corner of the first page. Underneath that you enter your password. You can also place a check mark in the nearby box that is labeled "Remember Me". Then click on the button labeled "Log In"

The "Remember Me" check mark puts a "cookie" on your computer that (usually) will cause you to be automatically logged in the next time you visit the site. However, on some folk's computers, the cookie just fills in the login blocks and you still have to click on the button labeled "Log In" each time you visit.

If you see the above then you are not yet logged in.

If you see the above then you have entered your info but you are not really logged in yet. You still need to click on the "Log In" button.

If you see the above then you are really logged in and can create and reply to notes.
Best regards, Major H
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