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Default Aerial Hog Hunting around Lake Sweetwater?

Belinda Serrano of the Sweetwater Reporter reported the following lake news tidbit from the 11 October 2011 City Commission meeting.

"The commission approved aerial hunting as a control method on city owned property due in part to recent feral hog damage and the possible threat to human health and safety. Among the city property which has been damaged by the feral hogs was the Municipal Golf Course, in which a powerpoint presentation was shown. It was noted, however, that the hogs root mostly around the greens only. The reasoning as to why the hogs do not root up the greens itself were unknown, but the cost to renovate each green would be around $10,000 should that issue occur. Other city-owned property which has been damaged is at the sewer farm, Lake Sweetwater, Oak Creek Lake and the wastewater plant. The city believes that the approved aerial hunting will be the most effective way to combat the feral hog damage." - Belinda Serrano, Sweetwater Reporter, 14 October 2011.
Best regards, Major H
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