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Default Lake Sweetwater Summary of 2016.

Lake Sweetwater summary report for 2016.

Lake Sweetwater rose almost 6 feet in 2016. On 31 Dec 2016 the lake level was 23 feet 1 inch below the spillway. Total rain from 1 Jan through 31 Dec 2016 was 32.73 inches.

The max depth of the lake when full is estimated to be about 45 feet so there might be 22 feet in spots near and along the east half of the dam. The lowest level on record was 38.59 feet below the spillway at the end of July 2007, which amounted to 6 or 7 feet of water along the east half of the dam and less than a foot along the west half of the dam.

Monthly 2016 gains/losses and rain.
Jan +9.6 inches (Rain 0.09?)
Feb +5.76 inches (Rain 0.5?)
Mar +4.56 inches (Rain 0.7?)
Apr +22.56 inches (Rain 5.81?)
May +24 inches (Rain 6.56?).
Jun +14.76 inches (Rain 5.13?)
Jul -6.48 inches (Rain 1.15?)
Aug -4.08 inches (Rain 3.54?)
Sep -2.4 inches (Rain 4.56?)
Oct -4.2 inches (Rain 0.12?)
Nov +3.72 inches (Rain 3.38?)
Dec +3.72 inches (Rain 1.19?)

According to TPWD reports, a golden algae bloom in early 2014 killed most sport fish in the lake. Another golden algae bloom occurred in early 2015. The 2015 algae bloom only washed up a few catfish and carp. TPWD has stated that it will restock the lake when it next substantially refills.

The public boat ramps are unusable - a 4 foot rise would likely make them marginally useful. The bait shop is closed. The golf course is open. The RV and tent campground below the dam is open but its restrooms are normally closed from November through February.
Best regards, Major H
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