for the good folks who live or play at Lake Sweetwater

Lake Sweetwater, Texas. 7 May 2014.  Lake Sweetwater has dropped to 25 feet below the spillway after four years of drought and semi-drought.   There is local speculation that a Golden Algae bloom that lasted from January through March of 2014 killed virtually all of the sport fish in the lake, but TPWD has not publicly confirmed that. A TPWD spokesperson has said that recent testing indicated that the water is no longer toxic to fish and that restocking will occur when the lake refills.  The public boat ramp has been reduced to a somewhat risky, single lane of dirt and gravel. The bait shop has closed.  Still open are the golf course, the public swimming beach, and the camping area below the dam.

Lake Sweetwater is owned and operated by the nearby city of Sweetwater, Texas.  The lake capacity is 4.5 billion gallons.  The widest distance across the lake is about 7,000 feet, and when it is full it covers about 760 acres.  The dam is 350 feet wide at its base and seventy feet high at its highest point, with a twenty-foot closed roadway across its top.


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Public Boat Ramp Risky Due To Low Lake Level

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